Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media Services include:

  • Attract the visitors to increase the quality & quantity of your product, it increases the profitability of your website.
  • Improving your web design, architecture and web page content.
  • Publish your website in YouTube by video and use social networks to promote it.
  • Get in the news such as Google News.
  • Install Good tracking software to know about your performance.
  • Other Example:
    Google Ad words, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft ad centre


We will do two of Posting

1) Traditional Post

2) Paid Post or Ad

Traditional Post’s

A) Others content 80%

  • what to Post
  • time to Post
  • Frequency of Posts

B) Your Posts 20%

  • To Your Content
  • Page Needs Lead Capture

Paid Post’s or Ad

  • Offer / Funnel
  • Landing Page
  • Lead Capture/CRM
  • Follow Up
  • Re marketing on FB


  • Increase follower count – Ongoing
  • Follow Users Back – Ongoing
  • Identify new relevant people to follow – 2-3 Posts per day
  • Twitter, Re tweet – 2 New likes per day
  • Community Engagement & Management – 5-10 Comments per day

Google Plus:-

  • We will bring leads, engagement.
  • will Improve Google search ranking.
  • will connect with the relevant people according to business.
  • Increase video development & postings.
  • Will share exclusive content.


Profile Creation

  • 100% completeness
  • Profile search optimization
  • status updates
  • connections,
  • E mingle – Increase

Company Pages

  • show case pages
  • Image/Films
  • Company Info
  • Followers
  • Statistics


  • Members
  • Discussions
  • Follow Others
  • E mingle
  • Campaigns

Every Day:

  • Connect with 3 new people to add to your network
  • Comment on 3 of their posts/updates
  • Create a relation ship – do not sell to them!
  • Like or Share 3 of their posts


  • Branded User Account
  • Showcase Your Products
  • People Start liking your Images
  • More Fans= More Money!
  • Use Images to Enhance Your Brand
  • Highlight Your Products / Service
  • Will Share Images or monuments of your staff .
  • Encourage staff to take photos and upload in Instagaram
  • Have to make Images to go viral.
  • Build sustainable, Long term Income.


  • Tumblr is a great place to promote a brand.
  • Tumblr is great for people to display art work in a digital portfolio.
  • Makes it possible for digital marketers to add, change and remove tags without IT assistance
  • Reduces errors & costs
  • Reduces complexity of tagging content
  • Reduces cycle time to make changes
  • Reduces tag malfunctions.

Stumble Upon:-

  • Build Traffic
  • Share Content
  • Make Connections
  • Research
  • Boost Page Rank
  • Mobile Friendly

Pinterest :-

  • Tell your brand story
  • Be Inspiring
  • Connect with people
  • Share your Interests
  • Build Relationships
  • Have Fun
  • Highlight New Products


  • Advertising on online channels to get new leads to your business, doing awareness about your products, events or specific campaign. Using other updated techniques etc…
  • Many more like Digg, delicious etc… Social networking sites.

Following Services to boost Traffic:

  • Article Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Posting

Our Aim:-


Our Team are listen to our clients and deliver innovative, attractive Social media marketing that exceed our client’s expectations and provide un-predictable results making us one of the best Social Media Companies in Dubai.