SMS Marketing Solutions In UAE


We provide quality solution at Lowest prices, Start your SMS Campaigns now at as low as 0.055 AED/SMS. Our exclusive databases are accurate and can be filtered by Age | Nationality | City | Country | Income Level | Interest based and many other factors. 

By using our SMS Advertising services, we guarantee our customers get the best quality SMS services. You can have a peace at mind that every SMS will be delivered in a secure manner and at the right time to all your potential customers.

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SMS Marketing in UAE

Benefits of SMS Marketing in UAE especially SMS MARKETING Dubai

Weather it’s the SMS marketing in Dubai or any state across the UAE or the whole UAE itself, we provide you with the following advantages:

  • Be sent and read at anytime, anywhere by anyone.
  • Be sent to offline mobile phones.
  • Not intrusive.
  • is Viral
  • All GSM mobile phones support SMS messages.
  • Capable of carrying binary data (e.g… ringtones and logos).
  • Direct contact with the customers
  • Provides up-to-date information to customers
  • Simple, fast and cost effective to market, launch products and services
  • Marketing through palm of your potential client
  • Reach thousands of potential clients at once.

BULK SMS UAE Gateway Features:

Bulks sms marketing has following features:

  • Supports personalized messages through bulk sms marketing Dubai or UAE
  • Sender ID (Brand Name/Company name).
  • Arabic support and supports long characters in bulk sms Dubai or UAE
  • schedule delivery of messages.
  • Online Delivery Reports.
  • API’s to integrate with own application.
  • Quick registration of Sender ID and no additional charges.
  • no restrictions or monthly commitment.
  • Dedicated throughput.

How Warqadc can help you:

  • Fast Message Delivery (more than 20 messages per second)
  • Advance Onsite/Telephone/Online/Email Support
  • Mobile Numbers Databases which make it possible to deliver your SMS to most interesting recipients only
  • No Setup Charges, No Monthly Charges, No Specific Volume Commitment
  • User Friendly Web Based Application which allow you to send Single/ Bulk SMS
  • Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  • SMS Reply Option can be provided
  • SMS Marketing By Your Company Name
  • Full Support to send SMS in English/Arabic/other Languages
  • Phonebook – store contacts/manage contacts in groups
  • User can send Bulk SMS from any computer through Internet Browser

SMS Solution for Enterprises:

We provide SMS Solutions in Dubai to Financial Institutions, Individuals, Company Executives, Working People and Small Businesses Enterprises (SMEs). We provide it as a means for Communication and Marketing Tool to keep in touch with their customers, colleagues, bosses, dispatch units, sales reps, suppliers or even their friends.

For companies & enterprises (Event organizers, Travel Agencies, Product Distributors, Direct Marketing, FMCG, Insurance, Courier Services, and Hotels & Resorts) that need to enhance their business through mobile marketing, customer relationship management and field force automation, we provide a solution which allows them to send large volumes of SMS while providing the necessary administrative controls.

Enterprises can use these SMS solutions for:

  • Office Automation alerts to individuals or groups on meetings, events, personals, email, and appointments.
  • Stock alerts, Price alerts, delivery status updates, forecasts, meeting reminders, SMS scheduler.
  • CRM & Billing SMS Incentives, Contests, Sale & Discounts Alerts, Coupons, Bookings, Ordering, Payment reminders.
  • Support & Dispatch Send precise address and contact information, Job status updates, Location updates, Job ?Re-routing.
  • Projects Schedule changes, project milestones.
  • SMS based sales reporting system.
  • SMS based stock/order-reporting system
  • Offering discounts
  • Promotions
  • Product launch
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Announcements
  • Reminders
  • Alerts